We are processors.

By packing and processing centrally, we can ensure quality and freshness across all of our commodities.

We pack centrally,
allowing us to monitor every bluberry
that makes it to the customer.

Packing and processing are key for the several commodities we manage. While many commodities are packed on the grower’s farm, a number of commodities require careful management of the cold chain – not only to ensure quality but also to ensure that the product is fresh when it reaches the consumer and delivers on the expected shelf life.
Packing centrally allows the quality of our fruit to be centrally monitored and the fruit specification for the destined customer to be assured. Finally, efficiency of scale allows packing to be done at an optimum price point; this ensures ongoing business sustainability downstream in the value chain.

United Exports currently owns and
operates five packing operations
on four continents

We are exporters at heart.