Our Story

United Exports was initially established as a fruit export business in 2002 by Roger Horak. Recognising the need for a consistently premium product, the United Exports founder adapted the company to a vertically integrated model. This enabled us to be present in all facets of the production process, from planting to packaging to delivery.

With an initial focus on stone fruit – nectarines, peaches and the like – we quickly established ourselves as experts on low-chill genetics and production. This soon extended into new commodities, most notably our evergreen blueberry varieties created by world renowned plant breeders, Dave and Leasa Mazzardis.

Our Vision

The United Exports vision is to delight our clients – and the end consumers who consume the fruit – by providing a consistent product experience. We make this possible by ensuring we focus on quality, innovation and a sustainable approach to our business.

Our Values

Ongoing Learning

We focus on our own continuous development and exceptional performance is recognised and rewarded.


Mutual trust is the foundation of how we build relationships with employees, stakeholders, our growers, customers and service providers.

Continuous Improvement

We continually improve the way we do things so as to minimise waste while being leaders of best practice in our industry.

Customer First

Whether internal or external, we treat everyone as a customer.

Embrace Sustainability

We are conscious about our impact on the environment and society.


We share a passion to be innovation and industry leaders.

Respect Diversity

We have mutual respect for our colleagues and our seasonal staff and the communities they come from, as it is all functions of the business that make us successful.

Effective Communication

We recognise and acknowledge the importance of clear, concise, effective and professional communication and we will always strive to do this better.

One Team

Respecting, acknowledging and embracing our diverse skills means as a team we are formidable. We are team players – we are one team with one goal.

Markets Serviced

While United Exports began largely as a southern hemisphere producer servicing the northern hemisphere’s demand, as of 2018 this began to shift with plantings and production in the northern hemisphere.


United Exports prides itself on its ability to deliver on the high standards required by retailers worldwide.