We focus on three distinct areas of sustainability – aligned to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

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Climate Action

We are committed to the Paris agreement to minimise global warming by 45% by 2030.

Carbon Footprint

Every United Exports production entity captures their carbon footprint annually, monitoring progress with carbon hero membership and the Confronting Climate Change tool. Energy assessments are the foundation of our decision making for systems delivering optimal solar energy generation and energy storage at our production sites, also benefiting our farming communities with affordable and clean energy. Embracing responsible consumption and production practices also benefits our carbon footprint.

Reducing Waste

By engaging with local communities, we minimise organic waste and all our packaging has a recyclable and, in some cases, compostable component.

We strive to minimise waste destined for landfills with recycling schemes and staff initiatives, such as the wheelchair bottle top and bread tag initiative. We support the circular waste economy by not allowing opportunities to go to waste.

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Reducing Inequality

In all our production areas, there is no shortage of opportunities to make an impact on societal causes.

Health and Education

Societal transformation begins with socio economic development in health and education, thus leading to long-term impact on youth employment opportunity and enterprise development. We provide quality education and capacity development initiatives through the OZblu® Academy.

Good health is essential for the well-being of our employees. In many instances access to health care is limited and so we provide a blended approach of preventative and primary health care on site covering family planning, monitoring of chronic conditions and medication, HIV testing and other preventative testing. On our more remote locations our on-site nurses handle the full healthcare needs of our employees. Our economic success enables us to continue in this role as guardian.

Employment and Economic Growth

United Exports creates decent work and economic growth as we continue to support over 6000 employees and their families. With our production growth comes the rewards of increased GDP and its associated benefits and further employment opportunities.

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Reducing Loss of Biodiversity

Life on Land

 We believe we have a responsibility to be leaders in the agricultural industry in terms of environmental sustainability and life on land. We work in harmony with nature and employ precision farming methods to ensure the protection of our ecosystems and biosphere as well as the quality of the air, soil and water upon which all life is dependent.


Species extinction is happening at least 100 times more than the normal background rate. Biodiversity loss has accelerated exponentially and as custodians of the environment we are actively working towards biodiversity progress. We are actively restoring riparian areas with the planting of indigenous species and removal of invasive species, and are working with integrated pest management programmes, with an increase in the use of beneficial insects.

Soil and Water

Healthy soil is the base upon which our entire farming ecosystem depends. If its essential nutrients and microbes are not replenished season to season, it will continue to degrade the quality of crops and threaten the long-term viability of the land. Our precision methods ensure soil vitality and water holding capacity.

Healthy soil builds up a plant’s resistance to attacks from disease and insects. By working with nature in this way we can minimise the use of synthetic pesticides.

Our farmers are committed to the protection of water reserves and quality.  Soil moisture content, water utilisation ration and run-off are continuously monitored to mitigate unnecessary water use.

The OZblu® Academy

We have created a school that will ultimately provide both in-classroom and online education facilities, coupled with practical in-field activities on the production of low-chill blueberries.

Bursaries and
Post-Graduate Research

This is focused on providing financial support to previously disadvantaged individuals for undergraduate studies in the fields of agronomy, agriculture, horticulture, soil science and food technology. Post-graduate study support will be open to all students provided the research is undertaken on or concerns an OZblu® farm.

Community Access to Education

Low-chill blueberry production creates almost more jobs per hectare for a longer season than any other crop. These rural communities often don’t have access to much-needed services like education. United Exports focuses on re-purposing existing educational content and providing sustainable access to the local communities that are directly linked to OZblu® projects.

Agricultural Education

OZblu® partners with selected agricultural institutions that provide technical agricultural education. This provides the foundation of knowledge for many of the permanent staff on the OZblu® farms.

Graduate Placement Programme

This programme provides work experience and develops valuable knowledge and skills in young people while attracting talent to the agricultural industry.